Drug testing has a lot of benefits to employers as well as the employees. Most of the companies have embraced the drug testing rule, and they ensure that the employees take a drug test before they are employed. This ensures that the work environment is safe for the other employees. Additionally, it provides that there is a high productivity level and the profit of the company increases.

  • Encourages a safe workplace

The use of drugs and substance abuse can make the employees have impaired judgment and be poor in decision making. This causes them to have a slow work output than the other employees. Additionally, substance abuse makes employees prone to accidents in the office. This increases the compensation claims which can add up to the company.
Moreover, when the person is under the influence of drugs and alcohol they can’t operate machines and handle any sensitive work information. This might end up costing the company a lot since the work output of the employee will be less. Additionally, the employees might be threatening and endangering both their lives and other employees in the company.

  • Increases the productivity level

When the person is on substance or drug abuse, they tend to have lower morale to work, and this causes low productivity at work. When employees are not motivated to work, they can influence others to sit around, and this can affect the productivity of the company. Additionally, if a person is used to drug and substance abuse, they may tend to be absent from work all the time. This is due to poor time management and sometimes cases of overdose. Continuous absenteeism from work lowers the work productivity and profit of the company. Drug test ensures that the employees are clean and they don’t abuse drugs hence ensuring that they are alert and have high morale to work.

  • Reduces turnover

A company that performs drug test to their potential clients lowers the cost of turnover. This is because the potential employees applying for the job will most likely be free from drug use. Additionally, a company that practices drug test promotes a peaceful, positive and proper work culture. This allows the employees to be motivated to work at the company and be associated with the company. If the work environment is excellent, there are higher chances that the employees would prefer to continue working there for a long time. This reduces the cost of turnover as the employees will be satisfied in one place.


Carrying regular drug testing and pre-employment drug tests help in ensuring you maintain a positive work culture and environment. Additionally, it provides that your employees have high morale to work and increase the productivity of your company.

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